The event, which is usually organized at the end of every year by network professionals under the umbrella organization called All Works Of Life (AWOL), recognizes individuals and institutions who have made major impact in national development efforts.

Awardees come from every segment of society, from politicians to civil society activists, to business people to the ordinary Sierra Leonean.

In a statement released Monday morning, the organizers blamed the March general elections for the disruption, saying it mired its preparations for the awards. It also said because of the recent change 
in government, it would be difficult to get eligible institutions for the awards.

“It was a challenge to put together an independent and credible Awards committee and our usual partners were constrained by uncertainties around the elections,” the statement, signed by AWOL’s Secretary General Ahmed Sahid Nasrallah, said.

It added: “Moreover, less than a year after the elections, no government agency would meet AWOL’s criteria for national recognition for the year under review.”

The statement however assured that the awards will continue in 2019. Members of AWOL and its organizing committee comprises representatives from all segments of society - politics, business, academia, etc.

The organization was formed under the patronage of the late business tycoon, Moseray Fadika. The organization is currently chaired by his protégé, Anthony Navo Junior, proprietor of the largest media house in the country – the Africa Young Voices Media Empire, which owns the AYV-Television, radio and newspaper.