DSTI Explains Studies on Local Courts and Access to Justice in Sierra Leone

State House, Freetown, Tuesday 11 June 2019 – A Sierra Leonean researcher, partnering with the Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSTI), has said his study on local courts will promote access to justice by documenting civil and land cases across the country. 

China Ansun Angel Group Donates $100,000 to Support Free Quality Education in Sierra Leone

State Lodge, Freetown, Tuesday 11 June 2019 – A delegation from the China Ansun Angel Group led by its Chairman, Zhan Fan, has met with His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio to present a cheque of $100,000 as support to government’s free quality education programme.

China to construct Two Major Water Dams in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s minister of water resources – Dr Jonathan Bonopha Tengbe, has confirmed that he has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chinese engineering firm – China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (CGGC) to carry out the Orugu and Congo Dams and Water Treatment Plants projects.

UNIMAK Decides!!! MEET THE NEXT VICE PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL "Some leaders are born women." - Geraldine Ferraro

Rebecca Seray Sesay, born in the mid 90's to parents who are well disciplined with an undying passion for education, is all posed to be voted Vice President of the Students Representative Council in the forthcoming UNIMAK SRC elections. BeckyLolo, as she is commonly called by her friends and peers, is a devoted Christian, humble, disciplined, cheerful, loving, charming, unassuming, selfless and an all embracing young woman. She becks the moment! 

Being among the leaders born women, Rebecca has showcased her leadership and academic prowess from primary school through the university. Her exceptional touch of brilliance and finesse beckons admiration to all who cross her path, and thus decorated with several awards and recognition.

Born in Freetown, Rebecca started her education at the Church of Christ Primary School, Tengbeh Town where she served as the Class Representative from Class II to Class V. Owing to migration, she wrote the National Primary School Examination (NPSE) at the Baptist Model Primary School in Makeni and was among the top performing pupils who made the headlines in the North.

In her secondary school education, Rebecca attended the United Methodist Secondary School in Makeni sailing through the junior to senior level. She was Class Representative from JSS II to SSS III, and successfully served as a two term Head Girl owing to a change in the country's educational system. Rebecca's iconic character of excellence and geniality has been engraved in the school's annals. 

Upon exceptionally attaining university requirements, Rebecca enrolled to the first and best private university in Sierra Leone, University of Makeni where she reads for a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and currently in the qualifying year. 

Rebecca has made her academic journey an admirable, altruistic, exciting and rewarding one. Being remarkably among the top performers in her class, she has also served as Class Representative for the past two academic years. 

Owing to her efficiency in leadership, Rebecca currently serves as the Financial Secretary for the Development Studies Society, and Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs 1 of the Students Representative Council UNIMAK; roles which she has performed successfully thus far. 

Beyond academic, Rebecca is an advocate and philanthropist. As an advocate, she has been a voice for the deprived and disadvantaged; and a key member of the renowned advocacy group 'Africa My Africa'. And as a philanthropist, she is the CEO of the Global Circle for Girl Child Empowerment (GOGE) Foundation which aims at empowering the young girls to attaining education. Her foundation is on record to have championed, supported and funded a variety of charity projects within the North. 

Rebecca is a God fearing person, a good listener, a result-oriented personality, an excellent team player, and a very loyal and dependable servant leader. And she possesses the leverage to champion, together with Ibrahim Komkanda Bangura as President and Kissito Lamin Mansaray as Secretary General, the cause of UNIMAK students' welfare. 

Thus, a vote for BeckyLolo is an assured quality, transparent and accountable representation.



Long live Team Immaculate;

Long live the SRC; and 

Long live UNIMAK!!!

Gay on the run as Partner captured & Killed in Kenema City

Momodu Lamin Rogers, an homosexual gay in the Sierra Leone Eastern Provincial headquarters of Kenema City is said to be on the run after enraged citizens in that part of the country laid siege and thronged his residence, capturing and killing his partner.

The awful incident which many in that part of the country who spoke to this newspaper said steamed from a statement made by the USA President Barack Obama on the need for African states to legalise same sex marriage, has resulted to the hunting of suspected and known individuals involved in homosexual in that part of the country and even the capital Freetown.

According to report, Momodu Lamin Rogers' family had disowned him years back upon their knowledge that he was a gay, and that his father who is a popular business tycoon and a fervent religious clergy in Kenema City had allegedly once threatened to kill him should Momodu Lamin Rogers ever come to their family house again.

A family friend to the fugitive- Momodu Lamin Rogers, said that the ordeal of Momodu started when he was 12 years old but not until later when he was caught by his father in bed with his partner.

Consequently, Momodu Lamin Rogers was beaten mercilessly and disowned by his father, and according to him his religion cannot accept that and that he would rather die that to have Momodu as his son.and as a result he had to leave his father's house to go and reside with his partner in the same Kenema City.

Information on an investigation conducted by the police in Kenema City states that on the 7th August 2016, Momodu Lamin Rogers was said to have traveled to the capital city Freetown on a business trip to purchase materials that are soled in a shop co-owned by himself and his deceased  partner, when he was informed that his partner (who was at the time in Kenema City) had been attacked and killed.

At the scene of the killing, the police confirmed that a warning inscription was left, indicating that the people of Kenema City had been aware that Momodu Lamin Rogers is a gay and that he was next in line to be killed.

Apparently, a senior police source says that "that it would be advisable for him to be at large for now until the issue is calmed," adding that homosexual is prohibited in Sierra Leone and as a result of the entrenched religious belief of citizens in Kenema City, the practice has been unreservedly frowned against.

Meanwhile, it could be recalled that Kenema City over the pass months have been a scene of unprecedented violence perpetrated against various groups of citizens. Earlier this year, political violence between two rival opposition SLPP flagbearer candidates led to the stabbing to death of a young man called Daddy George who was from Segbwema, Kailahun District. Also, another violence against a young man called Mohamed Taimeh results to his death after he was forcefully initiated into the native Poro Secrete Society.

In most of these cases, police are helpless to save innocent people as homosexual itself is illegal in Sierra Leone with little or no campaigners here for the protection of the rights of persons indulge in the act. So mostly the only resulting remedy is for youths whose lives are threatened to run for their lives as the violence spirro out of control.

Nothing has been heard about Momodu Lamin Rogers since.

Police set to arrest homosexual Alpha Kargbo & Co

A local daily newspaper in Freetown has published that it has gathered that one Alpha Kagbo who was residing at Black Hall Road community, in the Eastern end part of Freetown, is currently on the run as the people of Black Hall road community and the police have declared him wanted because he is believed to be a Gay.
According to report gathered so far, Alpha Kargbo and Mohamed Kamara are young lovers who have been in relationship since their childhood. 
This press can also confirm that Alpha Kargbo was a busser and at the same time assistant teacher of the Quarry Community Primary School at Benz garage, Black hall road, Black Hall Road in the eastern of Freetown and he was later dismissed from the school because he was caught with his lover Mohamed Kamara.
 This press can further disclosed that in August 20, 2016 at around 2:30am, Alpha Kargbo and Mohamed Kamara were caught at Black Hall Community, PWD market whilst kissing each other and when people of the community sought to arrest him,  he put up stiff resistant and in the process he severely injured two community members. The matter was later reported to the police and he was declared wanted by police.
On behalf of the Black Hall Road Community, Chief Imam of the Jammeyatu  nuru deen Mosque at  Black Hall Road Community,  Sheik Mohamed Bangura told this Press that the practice of homosexual is in contravention of the Holy Quran. He went on to say that the father of Alpha Kargbo is one of the active members of the Muslim Jamaat in Black Hall Road community.
 He disclosed that when the father of Alpha Kargbo reported his son to the entire membership of the Islamic Council in the Eastern, the matter was officially handed over to the Black Hall Road Islamic Council for adjudication. 
He said that after they sent several invitations to Alpha who is on the run, he openly refused to face members of the council and his actions further infuriated members of the Muslim community in Black Hall Road to chase him out of the community.  He said that members of the Muslim Jamaat were doing so mainly for him not to further initiate other Muslim members into homosexuality.  
One Islamic fanatic that preferred anonymity has confirmed to this press that if they found Alpha Kargbo and his colleague they will kill him for defying the Muslim Community.

Sierra Leone High Commissioner to Kenya Presents Letter of Credence to UN-Habitat & UNON

His Excellency Peter Joseph Francis, Sierra Leone High Commissioner to Kenya who doubles as Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) has on Tuesday 29th January 2019, presented his Letter of Credence to Madam Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Under- Secretary General and Executive Director to UN-Habitat and Acting Director General UNON.

The presentation of HE Peter Joseph Francis’ Letter of Credence took place at the UNON office in Nairobi and is in line with what he had described as an earlier advice he had to do a formal letter to the Special Representative of the UN in Nairobi, because, according to him, “the UNON plays a very important role in Africa.” This will further strengthen Sierra Leone’s bilateral relationship with the various UN agencies in Nairobi.

HE Peter Joseph Francis is the first Sierra Leonean appointed High Commissioner to Kenya, who had also on the 5th December 2018, presented his letter of credence to the Kenyan President, HE Uhuru Kenyatta, and two (2) days after on 7th December 2018, he did a courtesy call on the UNON office in Nairobi.

The UNON, the UN headquarters in Africa, was established by the General Assembly in 1996. The office is headed by a Director-General, at the Under-Secretary-General level and serves as the representative office of the Secretary-General in Nairobi and performs representation and liaison functions with permanent missions, the host-country and other Governments, and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations in Nairobi, as well as other organizations of the United Nations system in Kenya. UNON also facilitates cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations; provides administrative and other support services to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat); provides joint and common services to other organizations of the United Nations system in Kenya, as applicable; and manages and implements the programmes of administration, conference services and public information and provides security and safety services for United Nations staff and facilities in the United Nations Office at Nairobi.

Central African Republic militia leader and football executive, transferred to ICC

Patrice-Edouard Ngaïssona, the coordinator of a mainly Christian militia faction in the Central African Republic and a senior African football executive, has been transferred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to face accusations of crimes against humanity and war crimes.

In a statement, the Court, which is based in The Hague, the Netherlands, detailed an extensive list of some of his alleged crimes, including murder, torture, persecution, mutilation, deportation or forcible transfer, enforced disappearance and “other inhumane acts.”

Mr Ngaïssona was arrested on 12 December last year in France, on a warrant for crimes allegedly committed in CAR during 2013 and 2014. In a press release, the ICC said that the date of his initial appearance before the court will be announced “soon.”

Speaking on Wednesday to UN News, ICC spokesperson Fadi El Abdallah outlined the next steps in the case: “The Pre-Trial Chamber Two of the ICC found reasonable grounds to believe that Mr Ngaïssona is liable for these charges”, he said, adding that the pre-trial hearing would “confirm the identity of the suspect, ensure that he understands the charges and confirms the language in which the proceedings should be conducted for his understanding”.

He said it would also set a date “to begin the confirmation of charges hearing, which is a pre-trial hearing allowing the judges to decide whether or not the case should move to a trial.”

The ICC Registrar, Peter Lewis, thanked the French authorities, and those of the Netherlands, for their cooperation in the arrest and transfer of the accused to the Court.

Mr. Ngaïssona, who was Minister of Youth and Sports under François Bozizé, President of the Central African Republic from 2003 to 2013, reportedly denies any involvement in the violence.

According to news reports, he was the political coordinator of the Christian anti-Balaka militia, which rose to prominence after the mainly Muslim Seleka rebels, swept Mr. Bozizé from power. The militia has been blamed for numerous killings since 2013.

Mr Ngaïssona was elected in February 2018 to the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football, despite the objections of some human rights groups.

President Julius Maada Bio Presents Teaching and Learning Materials to Kono District

Koidu City, Eastern Sierra Leone, Saturday 19 January 2019 – His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio has presented teaching and learning materials to support the free quality education programme in Kono district at an event held at the Koidu Girls’ Secondary School, KGSS.

The principal of KGSS, Bernadette Turay, said the free quality education programme was a laudable initiative and that Kono as a district was experiencing a positive result of the gesture, adding that the initiative had supported parents and teachers who could not meet the high fee demands for their children.

She referred to President Bio’s vision, to develop human capital for national development, as a step in the right direction, noting that without education the future of the country would be bleak. She noted that the western world was being admired because they put a premium on education and reiterated that the President was on the right track.

Chairman of the Kono District Council, Sahr Solomon Gbondo, said the free quality education had provided an opportunity for students to go to school without cost consideration for the first time in the history of the country. He recalled that government had pledged to provide core textbooks, adding that the presentation of those books was a testament to the government delivering on its promises.

Mr Gbondo also commended the government for approving a huge number of teachers and schools within the shortest possible time. He said the free quality education was a blessing to the country and therefore urged parents and children to make good use of the opportunity.

President Bio said the presentation ceremony was a manifestation that his government was one with the commitment to develop the country. He said Kono district should consider itself lucky for having a president in him who would think good for the district.

He said teaching and learning materials were key components in the free education programme and that was why his government had made efforts to provide the facility for students across the country. He, therefore, called on parents and teachers to provide the conducive learning environment for children to make themselves useful by acquiring quality education.

“I call on everyone to support and own the free quality education programme by managing and supervising each element of the programme. Parents have the responsibility to ensure compliance with the guidelines set for the safe handling of these materials. After the books, we will bring school buses for the students because we know they need it for safe and quick arrival in schools,” he said.


Friday, August 21st 2019 marks a year of the passing of Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy, wife of Late Honourable Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy (First Financial Secretary of Sierra Leone) and Member of Parliament of Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).  Hadja Hawa was born 1st December 1922 to Sowoi Mariama Fortune and Alhaji Ali Khadar.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy hails from Mongeray, Kpaka, Pujehun where her mother was born.  Oh! how she just loved Mongeray.   Her father was born in Helba, North Lebanon.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy passed away at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday 21st August


With gratitude to God for a life well lived

Obituary for the late Evelyn Lauretta Idowu-Davies
Sunrise:11 February 1925
Sunset : 10 March 2019
Aged 94
Funeral & Communion service : Friday 22 March at the Ebenezer Methodist Church Murray Town at 2:30
From the Children and grandchildren at home and abroad.

17th March 2019, marks the 20th Anniversary of the passing away of HONORABLE, DR. SHEIKH BATU DARAMY SR, aka, SB Daramy.  Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy, Sr. B.Sc (Economics from London School of Economics, UK), M.A., Ph.D from Howard University, was born on 20th September, 1920 in Makeni.  Today we remember one of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) oldest members.  In 1948, Hon. Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy was awarded a Sierra Leone Government scholarship to attend the London School of Economics from where he graduated in 1952 with a B.Sc in Economics. ...

The death is announced of Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi age 84 years whose sad event took place today Monday 12th November, 2018. He is survived by his wife Balkisu Din Gabisi of 3 Ingham Street Fourah Bay Community, Freetown. Sisters: Haja Bola Deen (Late) and Ola Din-Gabisi (UK)
Children: Mrs. Christiana Bultman-Sulaiman of the USA
Mr. Sulay Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Zainab Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Aziz Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Dyfu Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Blanche Bultman of USA
Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi ...


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