The saga continues ...Baby Marian's father to travels today to India, and much more -Charles, the humanitarian disclosed

You can agree with me that, as far as humanitarian work is concern, Caritas Freetown Sierra Leone, needs to be given a pat on the back for standing firm in salvaging the plight of the deprived, especially the children across Sierra Leone.

Extreme Hunger Could Kill 600,000 Children in War Zones this Year

LONDON, Sept 10 – More than half a million children in conflict zones could die from extreme hunger before the end of the year, new research by Save the Children shows.

200 Refrigerators and Solar Panels to Boost Cold Chain System in Sierra Leone

With Support from GAVI and UNICEF, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation through the Child Health and Expanded Programme on Immunization has embarked on a nationwide distribution of 220 refrigerators and installation of solar panel to boost the cold chain system in the country, thereby improving immunization coverage in the country.

Sierra Leone: Helping with matters of the heart

Since February 2018 several Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker operations were successfully performed at the Choithrams Memorial Hospital, Hill Station, Freetown, led by Sierra Leonean Cardiologist Dr. James Russell and team. This approach of implanting transvenous cardiac pacemakers has been successfully undertaken for the first time in the small West African country by the local team of Choithrams Hospital Staff.

Sierra Leone Declares Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak



The attention of the Livestock and Veterinary Services Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has been drawn to the World Organization for Animal Health Information System of a recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in neighbouring Guinea.

This outbreak has spilled over to Kono, Kambia and Tonkolili Districts.

As a rapid response, a team of Livestock Officers in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and laboratory technicians from Njala and Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) trained by FAO collected blood samples from two cattle ranches (worreh) for laboratory analysis. The signs are clinically those of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Foot and Mouth Disease is a highly contagious and infectious viral disease of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and other cloven-footed animals. The clinical signs of FMD are vesicles, blisters and sores in the mouth, tongue, teats and interdigital space and coronary band in the feet, excessive salivation, discharges from the eyes, nose and mouth, sores in the mouth, lameness, sudden death in young animals, labored breathing and diarrhea.

Foot and Mouth Disease virus is transmitted from one animal to another through direct contact with aerosols and saliva of infected animals, and indirectly through contaminated surfaces or objects such as contaminated farming equipment, vehicles, clothing and feed as well as by domestic and wild predators.

The disease can be controlled through movement restriction to prevent infected animals or objects from transmitting the virus to clean areas. Vaccination can be done to protect animals not yet affected by the disease. Foot and Mouth Disease has severe implications for livestock production. The disease kills animals, especially the young cattle and affects the capacity of the animals to produce milk.

Whilst awaiting laboratory confirmation of the disease and the next steps, all District Livestock Officers have been instructed to restrict movement of animals in the suspected outbreak areas, restrict movement of people to the affected ranches, intensify surveillance in all Districts, especially the border Districts and temporarily ban entry of animals from neighboring countries.

Attention! If such signs are noticed in your community, kindly inform the Livestock officer close to your locality as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Disease (ECTAD) country team of FAO is working with the Ministry in providing full technical support to address this emergency.

“Life Expectancy across Africa has improved Significantly”- WHO report

Life expectancy across Africa has improved significantly, says a new United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) report released on Thursday, but national health systems must be improved to ensure that services get to the people who need them most.

African Health Ministers commit to ending cholera outbreaks by 2030

28 August 2018, Dakar, Senegal – African Health Ministers have pledged to implement key strategies for ending cholera outbreaks in the African region by 2030.

As children in Ebola-affected areas of DR Congo head back to school, UNICEF ramps up support

28 August 2018: As the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) gears up for the upcoming academic year – with some 250 schools in Ebola-affected health zones – the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is scaling up education; health and water; sanitation; and hygiene programmes to assist children and their teachers.

President Bio Pays Unannounced Visit to PCMH-Cottage

State House, Freetown, Monday 27 August 2018 – His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio has visited the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH-Cottage), unannounced, to check on conditions of patients and see if health workers comply with the 8:30am report time. 

During his tour of the facilities, which is housing the Ola During Children’s Hospital at Fourah Bay Road in the east of Freetown, the President noticed that one of the matrons was not on her seat long after the clock-in time for all public workers. He interrogated the Doctor-in-Charge on the possible reason for her absence and asked that she be reprimanded and urgent actions be taken to enforce the recent measures for all government workers.

Speaking shortly after the inspection, President Bio expressed his dissatisfaction over conditions at the hospital, saying that the facility was overcrowded and hygiene situation needed urgent attention. He, however, also thanked health workers present for their patriotic work and recognised them for turning up for work on time.

“In terms of turnout for personnel, we must be happy because I met the Doctor and most of the other senior staff on time. With the exception of very few that I did not meet for which I have left warnings, we must congratulate them for their hard work. We will challenge them that everyone is in their office by 8:30am because if we want to bring change we must start it with how we manage time,” he said.

On the deplorable state of the health facilities, President Bio added that: “What I am not pleased with is that this place, where people give birth to children is not conducive. I have heard a lot about it and that is why I have decided to come and see for myself and definitely, this facility is not enough for the women who come here to deliver.  I have seen it and it is now the business of government to see where we can improve and help save the lives of our compatriots,” he said.

Doctor-in-Charge, A.V Koroma thanked the President for the visit. He said that PCMH was a big hospital and also a national referral centre that receives over two thousand patients on a monthly basis. He thanked the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for their support in terms of drugs to the centre. He said the hospital was challenged with the lack of beds to accommodate more patients and therefore called on the government to assist with more beds that would cater for larger number of patients.


Friday, August 21st 2019 marks a year of the passing of Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy, wife of Late Honourable Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy (First Financial Secretary of Sierra Leone) and Member of Parliament of Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).  Hadja Hawa was born 1st December 1922 to Sowoi Mariama Fortune and Alhaji Ali Khadar.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy hails from Mongeray, Kpaka, Pujehun where her mother was born.  Oh! how she just loved Mongeray.   Her father was born in Helba, North Lebanon.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy passed away at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday 21st August


With gratitude to God for a life well lived

Obituary for the late Evelyn Lauretta Idowu-Davies
Sunrise:11 February 1925
Sunset : 10 March 2019
Aged 94
Funeral & Communion service : Friday 22 March at the Ebenezer Methodist Church Murray Town at 2:30
From the Children and grandchildren at home and abroad.

17th March 2019, marks the 20th Anniversary of the passing away of HONORABLE, DR. SHEIKH BATU DARAMY SR, aka, SB Daramy.  Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy, Sr. B.Sc (Economics from London School of Economics, UK), M.A., Ph.D from Howard University, was born on 20th September, 1920 in Makeni.  Today we remember one of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) oldest members.  In 1948, Hon. Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy was awarded a Sierra Leone Government scholarship to attend the London School of Economics from where he graduated in 1952 with a B.Sc in Economics. ...

The death is announced of Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi age 84 years whose sad event took place today Monday 12th November, 2018. He is survived by his wife Balkisu Din Gabisi of 3 Ingham Street Fourah Bay Community, Freetown. Sisters: Haja Bola Deen (Late) and Ola Din-Gabisi (UK)
Children: Mrs. Christiana Bultman-Sulaiman of the USA
Mr. Sulay Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Zainab Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Aziz Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Dyfu Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Blanche Bultman of USA
Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi ...


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