Yoni Excellence Awards Board to Stage First Heritage Conversation in Sierra Leone

One of the greatest ironies about Sierra Leone and the entire African heritage is that, despite being priceless, it is often ranked very low in government’s priority scales. The expectation from this priceless tag is that the benefits of heritage conversation to society are so immense that they need not be neglected.

Heritage is a public good, essential for national identity, national cohesion, motivation and inspiration, education, and cultural and moral values. The current dispensation of Sierra Leone culture and heritage amongst its various social groups threatened the survival of our prolific folk cultural heritage. Thus, the reason the divergence of opinions among romantic historians beckons Yoni Excellence Awards Board to explore some of the most silence features of cultural heritage conversation out of curiosity to meltdown myths about various cultures in Sierra Leone.

The 2019 Yoni Excellence Awards will examine the crucial roles Yonians are playing in the development of the world and particularly Sierra Leone as efforts and sacrifices made by these indigenous people of Yoni in the global workforce should not go unnoticed, uncelebrated and unhonoured. And to acknowledge and appreciate this vital role Yoni plays towards the furtherance of our beloved country, Yoni Excellence Awards Board is pleased to announce the hosting of the first ever Year of Yonians Homecoming sandwiched with a Heritage Conversation and Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Also, this event would capture the link between Yonians and the Carriacou Themnes believed to have been separated for over two hundred and fifty years. A small group of people on the Caribbean Island of Carriacou in the state of Grenada who still identifies with the Themne people of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Although more than 250 years have passed since the last enslaved Africans were taken to Carriacou, the members of that group still call themselves ‘Temnes’ and still remember their ancient homeland in Africa. Folklorists have believed that these Carriacou Temnes could have a relation with the oldest Themnes in Sierra Leone Known as the Yoni Themnes.

Join us in this cultural heritage conversation and excellence awards ceremony that will recognize, acknowledge, celebrate and honour Yonians of excellence and exemplary achievements.

21 Students to be rusticated from IPAM

A total of twenty one (21) students are to be rusticated from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone (USL) due to their involvement in examination malpractices in the 2017/2018 second semester examination. This confirmation was made to the press by the Deputy Registrar of the University, Emmanuel Momoh.

According to Mr. Momoh the university was investigating students that were caught in examination malpractices during the 2017/2018 academic year, citing that the investigations are completed and the report ready to be forwarded to the University Senate for action.

He stated that the University Disciplinary Committee has recommended for the rustication of the students but it has to go through the statutory body before they can receive their letters of rustication.

The committee, according to Mr. Momoh, was investigating 30 students but only 21 were found wanting of examination malpractices, noting that the committee has recommended for the students to be rusticated for 1 and 2 years respectively.

He disclosed that some of the students are from Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Financial Services and Governance Leadership and that some of them are in year 1 and 2, citing that the students’ body, and religious bodies are also part of the committee to ensure fair play.

Government Invokes Joint Military and Police Operation to curb Crime

The government of President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, last week invoked a joint operation of both military and police officers to patrol the streets and areas that are notorious for serious crimes across the country.

This joint operation, known as the Military Aid to Civil Power (MAC-P) will be in place for six months. It was approved by the country’s National Security Council (NSC) which is headed by President Julius Maada Bio.

According to the NSC, both police and military officers will carry out night patrols and other security related activities in order to curb the rising numbers of armed robbery and violent attacks being reported across the country.

Military Aid to Civil Power (MAC-P) is normally invoked to handle extreme situations that pose threat to the peace and tranquillity of Sierra Leone, or any part thereof; and to assist the police deal with situations that greatly overwhelm their capability to respond.

The Sierra Leone Police is charged with the responsibility to protect lives and property by working with security partners and stakeholders in a collaborative and community policing manner.

A police statement issued last week, said that: “As a way to ensure that the people we police are safe in their various communities and go about doing their daily activities unhindered, there is now a security sector joint deployment of police and soldiers across the country”.

The aim they say is to conduct targeted raids, arrest hardcore criminals and prosecute; curb armed robbery activities and anti-social behaviour; provide safety and security, to enhance political and social development.

“So, this is a normal operation which is in existence since the time of policing. Names of operations do change with time, based on the prevailing circumstances in fighting crime. We are not in a state of emergency, people are free to move as one of their fundamental rights. Equally, the police have the right to screen and resolve informally by using wise discretion to admonish. So, members of the public are also expected to provide timely information for the police to fulfil its core mandate in life and property protection,” the Media and Communications unit in the North East said last week.

President Bio Provides Support to Flood Victims in Wellington and Tombo

Freetown, Friday 16th August 2019: His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio has paid two separate visits to flood victims in Wellington and Tombo, in the Western Urban and Rural Areas respectively and provided humanitarian support to them as a way of consoling them.

At Wellington, President Bio told the flood victims and their family members that he came to them with heavy heart because of the devastation the flooding had caused to their lives. He said as President he had been very saddened by the level of destruction from the flooding across the country. President Bio also said that the flooding has been worsened because over the years people have built in areas without any proper environmental planning. He warned that state authority will continue to ensure that people who erect structures or live in areas which are prone to natural disasters are relocated.

Whilst he commended state institutions, development partners and NGOs for their support to flood victims, President Bio also encouraged young people in flood-prone areas to continue their vigilance and support in helping victims. He prayed for those who have lost their lives and assured the victims that Government and its partners will continue to provide support to them. President Bio also admonished the audience that they should listen to the instructions of authorities whenever they are advised for their safety. 

Later, President Bio also visited Tombo where he addressed victims and their families affected by the flooding. In a similar message he told them that he was in Tombo to sympathize with the flood victims for the devastating effect of the flooding on their lives. “I am President for all Sierra Leoneans and whenever any citizen is affected by natural disaster we must all unite in that sadness,” President Bio said.

In both Wellington and Tombo, President Bio also visited affected flooding areas and made separate donations to the flood victims. In total, President Bio donated 300 bags of rice, 1000 blankets, 200 mosquito nets, bales of clothes and dozens of buckets. President Bio was received in both Wellington and Tombo by the community stakeholders, councilors and sitting APC Members of Parliament.

President Bio was accompanied by senior advisers and ministers including the Chief Minister, Professor David J. Francis and Minister of Lands, Housing and Environment, Dr. Denis Sandy. The two separate visits to the flood victims were facilitated by the Office of National Security.

Ministry of Technical & Higher Education Dissatisfied with TVET Contractors in Massingbi & Kono

Kono, Sierra Leone - August 15 2019 - The Deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education is visiting Massingbi and Kono to assess the readiness of the Technical and Vocational Institutes for operationalisation come September 2019.

He is accompanied by the Director of TVET Dr. Victor Massaquoi, engineers from the Ministry of Works and a representative from the ACC.

It could be recalled that the Islamic Development Bank provided funds for the construction of the TVET institutes in 2014 and the expected date for completion of the project was 2016.

The contractors and consultants failed to deliver and extension for completion has now been exhausted, according to the Deputy Minister.

Efforts by the new administration to have the contractors and consultants to complete the job have proved futile.

There seem to be a deliberate attempt by these contractors to test the resolve of this government in correcting the past, the Deputy Minister Dr. Turad Senesie said, after site inspection.

The minister has requested the Ministry of Works Engineers to submit a report of the assessment for action to be taken by government.

From observation, construction work to date is incomplete and quality of materials used is very substandard, according to the Dr. Turad Senesie.

The Deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education concluded that it is time for Sierra Leoneans to realise that the people of Sierra Leone should not be taken for granted.

He requested the ACC to speed up action since they have exhausted all means possible to get the contractors and consultants to complete the job.

Dr. Turad is calling on the ACC, to investigate the cause of delay and take appropriate actions.



Police, ‘Poro’ Men Declare Student of University of Sierra Leone Wanted

According to reliable reports reaching this medium a student from Fourah Bay College (FBC) named Moses Sorie Mansaray has found himself in a state of dilemma like dropping from the frying pot into the fire and sources maintained that he is on the run.
Moses our source opined lost both of his parents during the Ebola crisis that ravaged the three Mano River Union countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia that left thousands of Sierra Leoneans dead.
Following the death of his parents, reports stated that Moses took his younger sister aged 14 then, to Bombali district Northern Province of Sierra Leone to his aunt to look after her and Moses later on returned to Freetown to pursue his university education.
Few weeks after his return to Freetown from Bombali district, Moses received a disturbing message from his aunt about his younger sister and had to travel back to the provinces to find out what was the matter.
Back in Bombali, our teams of investigators disclose that Moses discovered that his younger sister was actually forced into ‘Bondo’ initiation by women of this group as it is traditionally a female society which led to her death.
It was on 23 November, 2015 during the mourning period of his younger sister that Moses’ trouble started, unidentified gallant men clad in traditional clothes whom sources later revealed belong to the secret ‘Poro’ male society forcibly conscript him for initiation into the ‘Poro’ society against his wish. 
At the ‘Poro’ bush for some days prior to his escape, he was label with several traditional marks as a sign of identification as one of them, but he displayed some stiff resistance against his forceful incarceration. 
Modern age now sees many young people escaping initiation ceremonies due to the crude practices that transpired in these secret society bushes, after spending some days Moses made a miraculous escape from his captors according to source.
After his escape, Moses our information stated ran into a friend from whom he took a vehicle to facilitate his escape further and was driving at a break neck speed on his way to Freetown when suddenly he ran into someone and killed that person on the spot.
Realizing what consequences will befall him, as well as reactions from the police as Moses was driving without a license he had to abandon the said vehicle AIU 123 and ran away to an unknown location.
Due to the rampant killing perpetuated by ‘clique’ boys across Sierra Leone, Minister of Internal Affairs, Rtd. Major Palo Conteh issued a public statement that, capital punishment has not been abolished in the Constitution of Sierra Leone and the guillotine should be cleaned up for anyone that falls foul of the law.
It was this strong statement issued by Maj. Palo Conteh that further compounded fear as most of the clique boys including Moses eventually disappearance as he thought he might be killed.
On the other hand, the ‘Poro’ members desperately want his head as they deemed it that he might reveal to the public about his horrible experience at their hands in the ‘Poro’ bush.
Our team of investigators who visited Bombali district for more information about Moses’ saga disclosed that he must have got involved into that unfortunate accident by killing someone due to a spell that was cast on him by these ‘Poro’ members following his refusal to be initiated.
Up to the time of going to press the exact whereabouts of Moses Sorie Mansaray is not known as he is a wanted man by both the police for killing someone and driving without a license and also by ‘Poro’ members who want him dead.

Son of Native Sorcerer on the Run after Father’s Gruesome Revelation

Son of popular native sorcerer is on the run after his father gruesome revelation of regrouping children into his alleged witch society.
Mr Mohamed Kamara, who died on 3rd May 2015, had his first son Mohamed Kamara who were both staying together at 28 Cox Street, Kissy, East End Freetown, had been before his death confesses that he had caused the death of many children in his area, resulting from him initiating them into witchcraft.
After his funeral, neighbors to the deceased’s son said that the young Mohamed Kamara was ostracized by the society. “They had wanted to revenge against the poor Mohamed because of the confession from the father.” Albert Turay a resident at Cox Street said.  “I lost my only child and will not forgive the late sorcerer for putting me through this ordeal of childlessness,” Mariatu a widow who recently lost her child make this revelation.
Thereafter, report received by various indigenes in the Kissy vicinity said, Mohamed Kamara became an object of target from enraging crowd most of whom had been burnt in anger over the revelation of the late sorcerer. “The only way they think they could express their anger was to kill Mohamed Kamara for wrong done by the father,” Albert continued.
As a result, a report from the Sierra Leone Police said the on a date unknown persons burgled Mohamed’s residence with the intention to kill Mohamed Kamara. “Upon hearing the strange sound at night, we discovered that Mohamed Kamara had escaped through his room window to a place unknown,” Police officer who visited the scene confirmed. 
Since then, nothing the neighbours have revealed that nothing has been heard from Mohamed Kamara. However, situation in Cox Street Kissy still remain tense with hundreds of vigilante armed with axe, cutlasses and various dangerous tools all keen on the search of Mohamed Kamara. Some confirmed that they are restless until they see him and rill him to serve as a revenge of all the woes caused by Mohamed’s father.
The police said “it is constrained to investigate the matter due to the fact that it revolves spiritual activities,” and urged the enraged people to exercise restraint.

“Unfinished Business: the pursuit of rights and choices FOR ALL”- UNFPA Speaks

In marking the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) at 50 and the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25), Mr. Dereje Wordofa - UN Assistant Secretary General/ UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Programme visited Sierra Leone together with Mr. Mabingue Ngom - UNFPA Regional Director to learn more about the important work the country office is doing to end maternal deaths, unmet need for family planning, gender-based violence and harmful practices including FGM and child marriage.

Anti-Corruption Commission Uncovers More Stolen Public Assets

On Tuesday 25th June 2019, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) announced that after thorough investigation, they have uncovered several fraudulent conspiracies, carried out by officials serving in the former government. This is what the statement says:


Friday, August 21st 2019 marks a year of the passing of Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy, wife of Late Honourable Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy (First Financial Secretary of Sierra Leone) and Member of Parliament of Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).  Hadja Hawa was born 1st December 1922 to Sowoi Mariama Fortune and Alhaji Ali Khadar.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy hails from Mongeray, Kpaka, Pujehun where her mother was born.  Oh! how she just loved Mongeray.   Her father was born in Helba, North Lebanon.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy passed away at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday 21st August


With gratitude to God for a life well lived

Obituary for the late Evelyn Lauretta Idowu-Davies
Sunrise:11 February 1925
Sunset : 10 March 2019
Aged 94
Funeral & Communion service : Friday 22 March at the Ebenezer Methodist Church Murray Town at 2:30
From the Children and grandchildren at home and abroad.

17th March 2019, marks the 20th Anniversary of the passing away of HONORABLE, DR. SHEIKH BATU DARAMY SR, aka, SB Daramy.  Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy, Sr. B.Sc (Economics from London School of Economics, UK), M.A., Ph.D from Howard University, was born on 20th September, 1920 in Makeni.  Today we remember one of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) oldest members.  In 1948, Hon. Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy was awarded a Sierra Leone Government scholarship to attend the London School of Economics from where he graduated in 1952 with a B.Sc in Economics. ...

The death is announced of Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi age 84 years whose sad event took place today Monday 12th November, 2018. He is survived by his wife Balkisu Din Gabisi of 3 Ingham Street Fourah Bay Community, Freetown. Sisters: Haja Bola Deen (Late) and Ola Din-Gabisi (UK)
Children: Mrs. Christiana Bultman-Sulaiman of the USA
Mr. Sulay Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Zainab Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Aziz Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Dyfu Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Blanche Bultman of USA
Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi ...


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