Central African Republic leader appeals for lifting arms embargo

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, Central African Republic (CAR) Head of State Faustin Touadera on Wednesday thanked the world body for helping to restore stability in his country, but also called for the complete lifting of the UN Security Council arms embargo affecting its army.

"Africa’s voice must be heard," says Eswatini leader, calling for UN reforms to make continent key player in peace and security

With Africa absorbing the most United Nations peacekeeping missions, King Mswati III, of Eswatini, said the continent’s voice must be featured “prominently and permanently” at the UN, advocating for increased participation of Africa in the work of the world Organization, particularly the Security Council.

APC 2018 Presidential Candidate Stands in Solidarity with Sierra Leoneans Forced out of Jobs

Less than six (6) months since current President Julius Maada Bio won the Sierra Leone 2018 Presidential election in a closely contested runoff, the defeated presidential candidate of now opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara, in a statement, has expressed full solidarity with Sierra Leoneans forced out of job by the current regime.

Sierra Leone in a State of State Sponsored Human Rights Abuses

The proverbial global village is blind and deaf to the cry of kumbaya in Sierra Leone all over again in the hands of a former military leader imposed upon the people by external regime change forces in the March 2018 presidential election.

US President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani clashed sharply at the UN General Assembly

US President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani clashed sharply at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, with the former urging the international community to isolate Tehran from global trade, and the latter calling US sanctions "economic terrorism".

Nepotism and Discrimination Stink of President Maada Bio’s Government

Nepotism, the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs, has been the recent scandal on the government of President Julius Maada Bio of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone’s Democracy in Crisis

In a democratic State like Sierra Leone, “literally” speaking, each State organ and each public official should be responsible for acting in accordance with the constitution and laws of the country.

Over allegations of human rights violation in Sierra Leone... Massive Demonstration Awaits President Bio at the UN General Assembly


Fellow Sierra Leoneans,

At any given time, when our nation faces a dictatorship and our democracy is tested, the ingenuity of the Sierra Leonean people at home and abroad has always prevailed in making it right and restoring sanity in governance .

It is this true spirit of citizenship and patriotism which we have garnered from all walks  of life in the United States, Canada and beyond that makes us confident in marching to the UN General Assembly in New York on the 27th of September, 2018 to let the world know about what is going on in Sierra Leone under Junta  rule.

In doing this we are consumed by one common objective and that is to deliver on a pictorial evidence-based demonstration on killings, torture, incarcerations, rape, forceful evictions, ethnic and regional persecutions, and other serious violations of human rights and democracy in Sierra Leone since President Maada Bio peacefully assumed power in Sierra Leone in April, 2018.

Fellow Countrymen, we have catalogued all systematic violations of human rights and democratic principles by the regime of President Maada Bio including politically motivated killings and the selective incarceration of civilians, police and army officers.

In addition, we are delivering before the United Nations Headquarters and the world public forensic evidence of ethnic massacre of innocent Sierra Leoneans under the rule of President Maada Bio in which there has not been any investigation let alone prosecution or even open acknowledgment.

Instances of rape have equally been treated with contempt by the SLPP government.

As you are aware, since April, 2018 our Sierra Leonean people have been living under the misery of a brutal regime and a government that falls below the accepted civility test.

As a result of being so paranoid, the regime of President Maada Bio has resorted to clamping down on human rights, bastardizing the constitution, imposing a speaker through violence and judiciary fraud, imposing an Ombudsman without due process, beating of members of parliament, mass selective incarcerations, dissolving institutions for the protection of  human rights and democracy , imposing an illegal blanket travel ban on movement of citizens, instituting a tribal government, sacking and transferring of civil servants on the basis of their tribal and regional origin. These and many other thematic issues have formed the basis of our action.

On that note the Organizers and Co-organizers Of Concerned Sierra Leoneans for Democracy would like to inform all Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad that we have reached the finality on arrangements for the Mass Demonstration against President Maada Bio during the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York.

All peace loving Sierra Leoneans who are concerned about the present state of affairs in the country under the SLPP government are invited to participate . Thank you.



Alleged Police Brutality at Mile 91: A Case for Speedy Investigation



11th September, 2018.


Alleged Police Brutality at Mile 91: a case for Speedy Investigation

On Sunday 9th September 2018, at about 7:00 am, we received a distress call from residents of the villages of Mathibo and Massengbeh, ten miles off Mile 91, Tonkolili District, Northern Province of Sierra Leone.

The information received suggested that a group of security personnel   stormed their communities between the hours of 4 to 7 in the morning. They alleged that a large number of security personnel violently attacked their homes with lethal weapons, terrorised, looted, and carted away their property (motor bikes, monies and assorted farm produce); and eventually killed a 29-year old Abdul Kaimbay Kamara from Massengbeh village.

As a responsible Consortium that promotes human rights and democratic good governance, we made a rapid response and visited the scene of the incident to ascertain the veracity of the allegations. We arrived at the scenes of the two villages in the afternoon hours accompanied by two journalists from AYV and 98.1 respectively.

On arrival, we met with the community people who almost ran away for fear of recurrence of the Police raid.

However, we succeeded in pacifying and letting them know that we were not security personnel but civil society activists who came to investigate the incident.


Our findings reveal the following:

▪That the community people were clouded in fear and panic due to the alleged degree of security personnel presence in the night of the incident.

 ▪That upon our arrival there was no security personnel presence.

 ▪That the first house in the first village of Mathibo was soiled with blood believed to have oozed from the deceased who was alleged to have been shot by security personnel because he refused to surrender his motor cycle to them.

 ▪That the village was predominantly agrarian or farming community.

 ▪That evidence of shot shell bullets and tear gas canisters were found in the community.

 ▪That evidence of damage was done on property including doors and windows. 

 ▪That monies, motor bikes and agricultural produce were carted away from the people.

 ▪That an unconfirmed number of community people were arrested and taken away by security personnel.

 ▪That a large number of family members including women and children fled away and they are yet to be re-united upon our arrival.

▪That the deceased left behind a pregnant woman and two children.

 ▪That there were private WASSCE students amongst those who were arrested and taken away by security personnel.

 ▪That the raid was not done in consultation with the Local Unit Commander in whose jurisdiction the incidents occurred.

 ▪That the Local Unit Commander (LUC) confirmed that he was told by the security personnel that they were on national exercise authorized by State House in Freetown. He went on to say that the use of lethal weapons is a concern and the security personnel appeared like they were prepared for war.

▪That the deceased has been brought to Freetown for post-mortem.



This is not the first time security personnel have been accused of the use of lethal weapons against civilians.  We therefore demand the following:

 ▪That an immediate inquiry be done into the matter.     

 ▪We call on the independent Police Complaint Board to accelerate and judiciously look into the allegations.

 ▪We demand that the corpse be handed over to the family for a befitting funeral after the post-mortem.

▪We advise that the suspended LUC be reinstated and that he should not suffer adversity for saying the truth as he attributed the qualities of a good citizen.

 ▪We encourage the media and other Civil Society Organizations to carry out independent investigations into the alleged raid by security personnel.



The consortium for Good Governance Human Rights and Democracy (CGHRD- SL) will not rest until the issue at hand is properly investigated in a free and fair manner, so as to ensure justice.

In light of the above, we are giving the authorities concernd 21 days ultimatum starting today Tuesday, 11th September, 2018 to address the issues and allegations judiciously, otherwise we shall be compelled to call a nationwide protest in defense of Human Rights in our beloved country.

God bless Sierra Leone!

God bless CGDHR-SL !




Thomas PA Babadie


077 595 421




Marcus Bangura


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Thomas Moore Conteh


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Morlai Conteh


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Francis K. Dumbuya


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Paul Brima Bangura


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Peter Conteh


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Friday, August 21st 2019 marks a year of the passing of Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy, wife of Late Honourable Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy (First Financial Secretary of Sierra Leone) and Member of Parliament of Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).  Hadja Hawa was born 1st December 1922 to Sowoi Mariama Fortune and Alhaji Ali Khadar.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy hails from Mongeray, Kpaka, Pujehun where her mother was born.  Oh! how she just loved Mongeray.   Her father was born in Helba, North Lebanon.
Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy passed away at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday 21st August


With gratitude to God for a life well lived

Obituary for the late Evelyn Lauretta Idowu-Davies
Sunrise:11 February 1925
Sunset : 10 March 2019
Aged 94
Funeral & Communion service : Friday 22 March at the Ebenezer Methodist Church Murray Town at 2:30
From the Children and grandchildren at home and abroad.

17th March 2019, marks the 20th Anniversary of the passing away of HONORABLE, DR. SHEIKH BATU DARAMY SR, aka, SB Daramy.  Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy, Sr. B.Sc (Economics from London School of Economics, UK), M.A., Ph.D from Howard University, was born on 20th September, 1920 in Makeni.  Today we remember one of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) oldest members.  In 1948, Hon. Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy was awarded a Sierra Leone Government scholarship to attend the London School of Economics from where he graduated in 1952 with a B.Sc in Economics. ...

The death is announced of Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi age 84 years whose sad event took place today Monday 12th November, 2018. He is survived by his wife Balkisu Din Gabisi of 3 Ingham Street Fourah Bay Community, Freetown. Sisters: Haja Bola Deen (Late) and Ola Din-Gabisi (UK)
Children: Mrs. Christiana Bultman-Sulaiman of the USA
Mr. Sulay Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Zainab Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Aziz Din Gabisi of Freetown
Mr. Dyfu Din Gabisi of USA
Miss Blanche Bultman of USA
Mr. Fuad Din Gabisi ...


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