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Osman Kargbo on the run after narrowly escaping death in Poro Bush

Osman Kargbo on the run after narrowly escaping death in Poro Bush

18 yrs old Osman Kargbo is on the run after he narrowly escaped death at a poro bush in Simbaia Village, Lokomasama Chiefdom, Port Loko District.

His escaped came after he was kidnapped on 25th February 2021 by members of the poro society. The Poro Society is a male secrete society in Sierra Leone which uses traditional medicines to initiate young boys into their cult. Mostly this is done forcefully against the wish of young boys who are mostly targets.

On the instance of Osman, he is the last of three children born to an extreme rural family. The parents have themselves approved of the Poro Members request which Osman has constantly denied.

Meanwhile, upon his kidnapped, he was chained in a secrete bush for days until a certain day when the poro men fell drunk. According to report, Osman took advantage of the situation and ran through the forest for days in order to secure his freedom.

After that, report says that he met his friends who told him that despite his escape, his life is still at risk. Therefore, he was advised to leave the country. It was a norm that once one escaped a poro initiation and go himself captured again, he risked losing his life.

Hence, we were told that Osman finally left Sierra Leone on the 28th March 2021 to an unknown destination.

We are still investigating to know his whereabouts.